Meet the Faces Behind Images Everything

Welcome to the new and improved Images Everything website! We are so excited to have a platform that really showcases the Images Everything brand and what we are all about - and one way we want to do this is through our very own company blog! This is where we will be relaying the latest news, deals, insights and more in one easily accessible place.

Founders Chris and Karen Amack

Founders Chris and Karen Amack

As a family-owned, small business, we want to kick off our blog by highlighting the faces behind the Images Everything name so you can understand our story on a deeper level, and gain insight into why our services are the way they are. We have always loved getting to know our customers, and now through the launch of our new website, we hope to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about us! 

Let’s kick it off with Images Everything co-founders, Karen and Chris Amack: 

What is your professional background?

Chris:  Business/Masters Degree, Six Sigma Certification

Karen:  PR/Advertising degree

Chris & Karen:  We both have extensive backgrounds in the printing industry, so it was interesting to both of us to expand that printing knowledge to include apparel and promotional products.

What inspired you to start Images Everything? 

Chris:  Karen wanted to be able to stay at home and work while our kids were growing up, so as our kids grew up, so did our company.

What are your day-to-day roles and responsibilities for Images Everything? 

Chris:  I manage operations, screen printing and accounting

Karen:  I work directly with customers, giving ideas, providing quotes and creating art.

What is the best part of your job? 

Chris:  It is always very rewarding when we receive customer feedback about how happy customers are with the products we've created for them, and how nice of a job we did.

Karen:  I love meeting with customers and helping create exactly what they have in mind or helping them find the perfect promotional product. Every job is different, so every day is interesting.

What do you see as the most popular trends happening in your niche right now?

Chris:  A favorite among many of our customers is that at Images Everything, we have the ability to establish team stores on our website for organizations. The team stores take away all of the headaches for coaches, players and parents as it takes care of organizing all of the various items, sizes and the collection of money. It’s an extremely simple process: Our clients provide the team members/parents with the URL to access the store, and from there it's as easy as select, pay and receive. 

In addition we offer a "coaches pack" in which we package each order individually for the team, so all the coach needs to do is hand out the packages. Team stores are a great time saver and stress reliever for the coach and their staff.

What do you find is most important to your consumers? 

Karen:  High-level customer service and satisfaction has always been a driving point for us and something our customers expect (as they should!). Additionally, quality work, production time and overall cost are all important factors.

What is one takeaway you want your consumers to know about the Images Everything’s custom products? 

Karen:  Our custom products are produced in house - we do not outsource them. This means that each product is literally hand made so we can focus on details and high quality. Many of our custom products are made from our customer's personal photos or we create a design which is printed on coasters, mugs, iPad covers, notebook covers and even specialty shirts. Some of our customers even create personalized gifts for their clients or make them for their office staff.

What would you say are the benefits of working with a smaller, local company vs. a larger internet-based company? 

Chris:  A smaller, local company allows us to give superior customer service and the ability to meet face-to-face with customers. We enjoy meeting our customers, many of whom have become friends as well as business partners. Large internet-based companies seem to be impersonal and often have websites that are difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, some even have hidden costs that the customer doesn't realize are there until they check out. In the end, it’s our goal to make each customer experience as easy and efficient as possible, while providing the personable experience that larger, internet-based companies cannot. 

Lastly, what do the two of you enjoy doing outside of work?

Chris:  I really enjoy doing home improvement projects and getting outside to run.

Karen:  I enjoy photography, crafts, water color painting and working in our flower garden.